Our L. E. D back pack is targeted at expressing personalities and promoting business of various sorts "ON THE MOVE". With a chargeable power bank, user is guaranteed of the screen's power-on, for over 12 hours of active advertisement. Just like any other back pack, it is light weight and has enough space for packing your books, laptops, etc. The only difference is that on this particular bag,  you get to showcase who you are and what you do wherever you go. User can upload series of business information and message (text, pictures, gifs, etc), anytime, anywhere from their phones You are welcome @ 329 Herbert Macaulay way, sabo-yaba, Lagos.  CALL us: 07084310985, 08171999756. Advert on the go!!! The post The Ayaj LED backpack appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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