A Twitter user has called out an alleged rapist on Twitter after she reported to the necessary authorities but no action was taken. In a lengthy Twitter thread, @yourgirl_gemini told of how the alleged rapist went out with her friend on Saturday night. They stayed out into the early hours of the morning then returned to his house. She claims her friend trusted him because they've known for a year. However, he made a move on her during the night and when she refused, he forcefully removed her clothes and dumped them in a bucket of water so she won't be able to escape. He then allegedly raped her and threatened her with death if she doesn't keep silent. She went on to allege that the guy locked her friend in, holding her hostage while she remained naked as her clothes hadn't dried. There was no means of escape.  She eventually managed to escape when he left the door open because he was convinced she couldn't leave naked. She said her friend wore his boxers and singlet and quickly exited his house before he could stop her. The appropriate authorities have allegedly been notified of the alleged sexual assault but none did anything, she claims, so she decided to name and shame him on social media. The Twitter user claims the alleged rapist's neighbours were witnesses because one came to investigate what was wrong but the rapist managed to pretend all was fine. She claims another neighbour was the one who called a Taxi for her friend after she narrated her ordeal.   Read the thread and Twitter reactions below.  The post Twitter user accuses young man of raping and holding her friend hostage over the weekend appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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