An Igbo woman stirred up a hornet's nest by accusing all Igbo men of being misogynists who try to control and undermine women (read here). Now, an Igbo man has shared a thread to defend her while calling out his fellow tribe's men. Solomon Buchi, a life coach, said it is wrong to stereotype but pointed out that stereotypes sometimes have truths in them. He then went on to point out facts that make him agree with the controversial post accusing Igbo men of being control freaks. He accused Igbo men of acting like "demigods" when they have money and forcefully trying to turn their wives to housewives. He said they see women as the "lesser gender" and are obsessed with male children. He started the thread by writing: "If I say that Igbos are hardworking, a lot of y’all will nod and agree with me. But if I say that Igbo men are typically misogynistic, you bash and cuss me out. Why would you agree to a conclusive positive statement and not take criticisms that way too?" See the rest of his tweets below.  The post Igbo man defends woman who generalized and accused all Igbo men of being "insufferable and misogynistic" appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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