Sex is a basic human instinct that cuts across race and ages. Although our society is one conservative on topics surrounding sex, all indication point toward a lot of sex going on. From attraction to action, human interest in sex takes many stages. The moral implication of sex differs from religion through culture, but one thing that is generally accepted is that our existence depends on it.

It is advised that people who are sexually active should always have protected sex to reduce their chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Although condoms have been said to have a 98 percent success rate, there have been complaints about the usage of condoms during sex.

One of the most pronounced reasons people do not want to use condoms is the reduced sensitivity. The sheath between the skins can considerably reduce sensitivity for a man during sexual intercourse. This lone factor is why a lot of men would rather rely on their pull out game than use a condom. We are here for a good time, and not necessarily a long time, after all.

In the build up to sex, condoms can be a distraction. After all that foreplay, when it is time to begin action, you have to first pause to put on a condom. Between fumbling with the wrap and trying to get it on, the excitement may dull. However, using condoms as a part of foreplay can be exciting. It’s possible to stimulate each other while your partner puts the condom on. That way, the condom becomes a part of the action instead of interrupting the action.

Condoms have no side effects, except if you have latex allergies, and these can be solved by buying polyurethane condoms. Polyurethane condoms are made out of lamb skins and are more expensive. There are a ton of different types of condoms, so everyone can find the perfect fit for them. Some condoms are actually designed to make sex more pleasurable, with extra thin materials and lubricants to add to the fun.

Moreover, unlike other forms of birth control, you do not need a prescription for condoms and they are sold at very cheap prices. Also, they are very small and easy to carry around. Disposing them after use is also very convenient. They have a high success rate as a contraceptive method when used properly. This means that condoms are an inexpensive means of contraception that is easily available to the masses.

The best part about using condoms is that you are protected from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and there is nothing sexier than that.

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