These are some habits that will make you poor

What’s difference between the poor and the wealthy? Most people would say that rich people have more money than poor people. Duh. But the actual difference between the rich and the poor is not in how much money each of them has, but in the minds. It’s in how they see money and the kind of habits and actions they make regarding money.
Someone once remarked that if all the money in the world was evenly distributed to all the people on earth, most of the money would still fall into the same hands of a few individuals. Evidently, wealth is a mindset, and so is poverty.

These are some habits that will make you poor:

1. Bad spending habits
Habits that will make you poor
Most poor people only think of money as something they can buy stuff with. People like this tend to rack up a lot of debt before their salary comes in. They also try to gamble, in the hopes that they will blow all at once.

If you’ve got bad spending habits, you’ll keep looking for money oo! Money tends to multiply in the hands of people that don’t waste it and try to multiply it. That’s one of the lessons we learned from ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’.

2. You’re a time waster
Habits that will make you poor

Time wasting is definitely one of the habits that will make you poor. Yeah, you might think it’s fun to scroll through Instagram for hours and hours, liking and reposting content made by people who are earning thousand for every post they make, but rich people know that time is a valuable resource and treat it that way.

3. No investments or side hustle
You know you’re thinking like poor person when you’re not thinking on how you can (legally) multiply your money. All you do is spend your income and wait for the next one to come in. You’re looking for trouble if all your eggs are in one basket.

4. Bad savings habit
People are generally advised to save at least 10% of their income, but most poor people will say that their income is too small to let them save. Rich people tend to save as much as 20% or more of their income.

You’re reading this, so we’are sure you won’t be poor! Read up on some kinds of poverty mentality you’ll need to avoid.
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