In This generation Love is sex and money centered, Men's ability are now being checked with the number of cars, houses, and sexual abilities.

Gone are the days where love is for rich and for poor, today it's a different ball game,  Love is seks and money centered, Men's ability are now Weigh by number of cars, houses, and sexual abilities.

"Things has changed" the old ones would say, "cars and money, without attitude takes you no where",  unlike today where corruption is being honored with Doctorate degree, while sense expires in the market and nonsense sold out.

Sex and money is not everything, where is the place of true love,  which has nothing to do with the material thing but partnership in all spheres of life, support and contentment..

Every guy wants to satisfy a woman,  with these going any length to be rich in order to be famous and be able to woo a woman not considering his own life...  We all want exotic cars, big mansions, but lack good intentions and approach to getting it positively...

Well,  even the so called girls too are so blind and wet in their panties and allows anything pass through them as far as there is money...  Yes they build mansions, they acquire what their fathers couldn't achieve in donkey years in few months but most of them couldn't leave long as their fathers...

They sell their virginity, which is their glory, like Esau traded his birth rite with a plate of asaro (porridge). virginity is no longer a thing of pride, now a thing of shame to the gullible, most girls are ashamed to declare their virginity status, why?  Because the society has given room for immorality to creep in.

The minds have so much been eaten up and no medicine to cure these mess it has cause.

We've got to rethink, rewind and go ask the ancestors how far, how we arrived here...

We need to do the things the right way,  respect and love and the same time, money and sex's not everything...
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