A US-Based Nigerian lady @zynnnie narrates how her father saved her from an abusive relationship after a simple dispute with her fiance over wedding venue on twitter.

It Later turned out that the guy in question had issues with violence. He went ahead to marry someone else and years later, he was apprehended for domestic violence.

Here's the story below;
"At 24, Mr A wanted to marry me, I was excited about it and was eager to take him home. This relationship wasn’t consummated cos I was/is a typical keep your equipment to yourself kinda girl. I snuck out of school to visit him numerous times until it was time for him to meet my parent
My mum liked him immediately mostly cos he was a doppelgänger of my late elder brother. she gave her blessings but it immediately went south upon realizing that he is a Pastor’s son, a general overseer’s son and we are Catholics. My parents are knight of the church .
He refused to wed me in my church and my mum refused I wed outside Catholic Church. Oh my father never said a word. He is annoyingly very calm in times a chaos, he was just smiling at me and my rants.
Everything was called off and I really didnt like my mum at that point, I felt robbed but my father told me something that eventually saved my life. I went to my dad and this man made me narrate the whole story to him. My father is very wise and intelligent.
My dad told me to date Mr A for one more year and after that he will tell me what to do to change my mother’s heart. I asked if he was suggesting I get pregnant and he said ”I didn’t say that cos if you get pregnant,you will have the baby in my house and u will still not marry him”
Two months later, Mr A called me that he was getting married to another girl that his daddy arranged for him. I was broken and sad, I called my mum and was ranting on how she ruined my life and made Mr A marry another girl. My dad once again didn’t say a word.
I called my dad and told him then he said, “I knew you guys had no business getting married if something as common as venue of the wedding was an insurmountable problem, I just needed you to see it for yourself”
My dad’s statement woke me up from slumber and something clicked. I wiped my tears immediately and said thank u daddy. He started hailing me with his usual Ada obodo oyibo’m and Ada kpokee nkee kpokee nkee ( I don’t know what that last one means but he calls me that)
I remembered this story cos my dad asked about Mr A today. I told him that his father in law locked him up for beating his daughter and my dad nearly died of laughter.

The story in summary simply means, young guys and ladies shouldn't be the alpha and omega of their decisions when it comes to important matters like marriage, it's good we put others views too into perspectives, most especially the parent's.

Marriage is beyond the ring, aso ebi or even children. Would you like to be happy at the end? This should be the question you should ask yourself.
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