When my husband and I first dated, I wasn't shy about confessing my foibles, domestic or otherwise. I wanted him to know what he was getting into. "I'm a terrible cook," I told him. "Actually, I can't cook; I never have." Blame it on being single through my 40s — with late nights at work, takeout delivered in 10 minutes flat, and plenty of nearby restaurants, why turn on a stove?

Culturally, most especially in this part of the world, leave it or take it, cooking is still part of the criteria some men use in chosen their better-half. But since the advent of civilization things seems to have changed from the painted bad to the painted good in reverse order. These days ladies finds it so easy to look into a guys face and say "i can't cook" wow! what seems like a stigma has become normal.

Like i stated earlier Western Culture brought about freedom, and equalization, please don't get me wrong, there should be a strong urge in you to learn what you don't know and not make another person suffer for your negligence, i expect a woman who doesn't know how to prepare meal to either enrol at a Catering school or probably learn from a friend. Fine! you work late, 8am-9pm, what about your weekends? you want to rest, lolz. You shouldn't allow your career to blindfold you from giving your Husband good food, biblically food is important, when you give good food to people they tend to love you more and even pray for you.

Perhaps you don't know that men are good pretenders, once they taste food outside and it's better than yours, get ready for a fight, because he's going to stop eating at home and you would always get angry...

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