With the blooming economy in reverse order there is need to be sensitive to opportunities around us, with a N100, 000 you can actually start up your business, most especially here in Lagos.

Let's do this in this Article  I'm going to be answering one of the most popular questions I have received. People often ask me what business can I start With at least N100,000? There we go. 

it's like a JAMB question I don't know what you guys think of me to be asking me that question but I really appreciate that like it makes me feel like a headmaster .

I've been thinking about it, I've been researching,  and  I've been asking other people and I have finally arrived here I hope this answers helps you. I have actually answered all the people that asked me this question but I felt the need to address it on a larger scale,  because I believe most of the people that asked me this question are deeply in of it. what i could  really get is that they are not asking for the business idea, but a quick fix i mean like the question is which business can i start with 100,000Naira?
but what they really wants to know is What  can i do with a hundred thousand naira? there are real quick. like where can I put my money? I don't give that kind of advice like I can't tell you where you can double your money because I don't know. I'm going to give you the list of the business plan to do with N100,000 or less.

But it's not about okay now I have N100k business you have so many other things to consider like are you even interested in that business, what kind of solution do you want to deliver through that business like why are you doing that business.  to me I think those are more important factors to consider when you want to start a  business because business is so dynamic the money  you have is just a single factor that is it's a means by  which business you start like you have some other things to consider and basing your whole decision on the money you have is don't think that the smartest thing to do that being said I'm going to give you business ideas you can start with N100,000 or less first is:

1.Making Small Chops / Outdoor Catering:  I know right that this outdoor Catering  for  speed meals or all those bit outdoor cat rats you know it's just to the level of making small chops for birthday parties and all those things maybe attaching yourself to an established caterer maybe they have a project to cater a wedding and they need someone to provide the small chops you can kin and do that by an item for small jobs I'm sure it to be less than N100,000 and even if it's not less than a hundred thousand now you'll be paid for that job so you can use money to buy the food store required and then the packaging you need to present your small chops Another business you can start with one hundred thousand is.
2. Real estate business: sound very capital-intensive or you can actually start a real estate business with less than N100k  because what you need is to sell houses you don't necessarily need to buy houses or build houses of your own to be a real estate agent the middle thing you're required to do as a real estate agent is to sell we donate all narrow unless you can get yourself tutored on how to be a salespersonI mean  a great salesperson you can print your complimentary cards and go for events where you network with people that own properties or other real estate companies and see how you can attach yourself it's really not that deep

3. Consultancy Business : Though this can be started with 200k or less I mean it can be any type of consultancy you can be a beauty consultants can be a health or life coach you can start consulting business with as little as N100,000 just like a real estate business you need to get certified to some level to be able to give people that kind of advice even if it's not in paper is that it being working experience another business you can also do is.

4. Make-up Business:
 Though can be a little bit gender restricted but not an excuse, You can be a makeup artist with less than N100K,  though I know makeup is very expensive don't get me wrong for I'm sure you can get like a palette of different foundations with a reasonable amount of price maybe 15, 20  or 30K and concealers and all those and  like brushes and stocks you can get a certain amount of product with N100k or less and then start with maybe your friends your family and just start building up from there

Please I apologize if you're makeup artist  or you own an outdoor Catering  and you're reading this post you're thinking that  you that with hundred thousand naira settled in business what I just mean is on this crappy level I don't mean doing it on a large scale I mean do it on this crappiest level something you can bootstrap you understand that's what I mean another business can start with hundred thousand Naira or less is

5. Tutorial for WAEC, JAMB,  GCE and probably primary school students:
This doesn't really requires lots of capital other than seek for a space probably in your church or compound enter into agreements with the house, funny enough you can even start  if you have a lot of family members that have plenty small children and you've proven yourself to them that you are smart to some level. The amount and trust their kids to your hands because they feel that you can impact some knowledge in them and business have started if you can get someone to pay for what you're willing to offer its business right there so you can start lesson business.
All you need to do is maybe to get the right school curriculum, you can look for where to download it from or the school to get it from get the right textbooks and the right materials study it and  develop your own curriculum or your own teaching plan and then that's it and this something you can do with hundred thousand or less in order to pay for ends and you don't need to pay for salary because you had a staff and your house is your Office so you just carry your materials  and go to work so that's another business.

6.  Tailoring Business: Though this business requires you know how to sow cloths but not necessary,  I will tell you how, you can be an intermediary between you and your tailor, just learn how to make measurements and wear nice fitted Ankara, attractive enough to call customers, do a complimentary card for tailoring,  know the basics like cost of materials and all,  get that ed jobs out there and take it to your stylist for sowing. But that doesn't stop you from learning while doing that.

7.  hairdressing: first of all you have to have this skill the ability to stand for long and the patience to deal with clients because girls can be so the money when you're making yeah I do tell you why are you breathing that way like why are you going straight I want you to carve your hand you have to be able to do with all that so if you can braid or fix weave you can start your own hairdressing business you don't need to get a shop you can just scale off from Instagram make your mom's hair your sister's hair your cousin's hair your neighbors hair she'll kiss it there and then people can call you in for home service. You would need shampoo and  hair conditioner. you don't leave all those basic things I'm gonna tell narrowness should be able to afford that

8. Web Development: if you can write codes or design your website you can do that as a business I don't know if you know this but there are platforms where you can buy domain names for as low as $1 i.e N360 so wit's a N100K you'll do fine. All you need is  to start talking to people about what you do because no matter the skill you have if you don't tell people, they wouldn't know. You can start 'like I'm a web developer I can design website this is what I've done this is what I can do'.
 do you understand and it isn't about is that. you don't need your own money to design a website for someone like they'll pay you and then design it for them so with the money they pay you you can buy a domain name for them and all those other things you guys pay for.
 another business you can start with N100k or less is

9.Mobile/browsing  data reselling: data reselling basically means buying bulk right from the service providers and then reselling it to the final consumers. To be successful in that business you need to be a trustworthy person. Like you can't do that business if you don't have people that trust you.
You should be able to get bulk gig of data and sell at your own price where you will be able to see little profit. mind you it won't just start working fine, you would need commitment and patient to be able to achieve an optimum goal.
Therefore, this is also a business you can kickoff with as low as N100,000 because you specify the amount of data you want and then we get supplied on yourself.

10. Dropshipping: This is somehow rampant on the internet, Dropshipping is simply being a middle man for a particular business or product. Simply look out for stores,write your list of product in your niche, create an online platform like Jiji, Jumia, Olx or even facebook stores... Get the price of the products from their stores, try to bargain with the product supplier or manufacturer to beat the price down so you can add your profit while listing it on your online store...

So above are 10 business ideas you can start with hundred thousand naira  or less.
 There are 1000 business ideas, the most important thing in life is to enact one, just one and give it your all.
Business is not just straightforward business are started by not just knowing  about it but starting it. Mind you starting a business is very  consuming okay. after that freshness  You just need to keep talking about it and lots of people will begin to give you money to do their makeup or to sell their house or like just to do something for them how do you continue? Do you have the skills do you have the passion? passion I know passion is one word that has been  over used I mean at the end of the day you need a certain level of passion because that is going to keep you going.

You need the skills; because skills  makes your work a lot easier is about something you're interested in do you understaand? It is about something you can do effortlessly because I believe that whatever business you're starting should be linked to your talents.  talents can be loving to talk to people if you don't love to talk to people and you're venturing into a business that requires you to talk to people no matter how easy, that business is no matter how easy customers come to you you're going to be able to sustain their business because the foundation of that business is already flawed.
that's all we have for you in this Article, I hope you found it really useful if you can also subscribe to our newsletter

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