Old women of the community expressing disappointment on the inconsiderable attitude of the government. 
The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Ifako Ijaiye Branch led by Comrade Olakunle Salam has been a group of progressive minded young people. They have led community projects that have yielded positive outcomes and that benefits every age group in Ifako Ijaiye Community.

One of their laudable projects is the Health Day which is executed in partnership with Our Friend Hospital. This team has successfully carried out two editions which is the Haruna and Obawole Health day held in 2015 and 2016 respectively, and they have been able to reach over 2,000 beneficiaries with free test, specialist consulting, free drug administration and many more.

In a bid to cosolidate on this impacting project, the train led to one of the most neglected part of the local government as regards the delivery of good governance - Iju-Ishaga. There has been vast publicity and necessary arrangements has been put in place by the Youth Council and every partner organisations. They were set to render free healthcare services to community residents in terms of quality health consulting and testing, free drug administrations and relief materials. But to the dismay of everyone, the program was cancelled by a security report by the DSS.
the banner for the cancelled Health day programme...

Members of the public were astonished as to how events turned out, and beneficiaries decried their utmost dissatisfaction at the order that stopped the execution of the project. This was a peaceful project that has gained massive public reputation over the years. The restraining order wasn't understood.
A resident given her opinion on the inhumane act... 

All fingers are pointed to the Ifako Ijaiye Local Government led by Apostle Oloruntoba Oke, who has never been in support of the programs of the Youth Council ever since assumption of office. 

It is worthy to note that the local government recently held a youth day in its community week celebration,  the youth leaders were not duly carried along in the program. This is totally uncalled for and shouldn't be tolerated by any right thinking constituted authority, in this case the NYCN led by Comrade Olakunle Salaam.
Comrade Kayode David Oluwaseun, while reacting bitterly to the frivolous treatment of the govt on the people... 
In expressing their dissatisfaction at the turn out of events, Comrade Kayode Oluwaseun David said its a sheer display of irresponsibility on the part of whoever ordered the cancellation of the project at the dime minute, after publicity has gone far and beneficiaries are already trooping the event venue. He further stated that that restraining order was not a representation of good governance.

President Solomon Oladimeji of Train A Youth Initiative mentioned a lot of community development projects he and his team had designed, and have been turned down by politicians who saw that they would have nothing to gain from it. He said the government is not supportive of positive development, and that most of our leaders are there for their personal interest and selfish gains.

The chairman of the National Youth Council, Comrade Olakunle Salam gave a full explanation of the steps the council has taken in ensuring that there is a hitch free event. Only to receive a shocker that the event would not hold due to reasons best known to the Chairman of the Local Government and his cohorts.

This is a very sad experience for everyone at Iju-Ishaga motor park today, and the disappointed beneficiaries who turned back to return home without being attended too. A woman who was interviewed said she came all the way from Ikeja after she heard about testimonies of the previously held health day programs by the Youth Council.

To cap it all, it's right for us to say that the government of the day is not ready to support innovative programs designed and executed by progressive minded youth, especially projects that aim to satisfy the needs they are incapable of satisfying, rather they prefer to throw parties and promote politics of hate and strife.

However, the NYCN remain undettered as steps are being taken to ensure that the program holds next Saturday (6th of January, 2018), and that residents of the community gets access to free basic healthcare.

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