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President of the United State Donald J, Trump's Account was deactivated by a contract staff of twitter on Thursday, 2, November 2017, for about 11minutes the president couldn't access his account. this act really has really raised a lot of concern  about how much access does twitter workforce has over users accounts.

Despite the fact that the social media company has control to prevent it's workers from making tweets from users accounts, this occurrence suggests that twitter employees has some access to accounts and can make certain changes without any form of permission.
Yvette Connor, chief risk officer at Focal Point Data Risk, which consults with boards and executives on technology security said:
“At a high level, this implies a level of complacency, that organizations generally are perhaps trying to convince themselves they have technology risk managed”.
“In Twitter’s case, the reputational risk that they face is that the information that’s under their care, custody and control is not really under their care, custody and control.”
Twitter tweeted:
“We have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day,”
After citing inadvertent “human error” in an earlier post.
Nonetheless Twitter has taken the blame and has ensured the public that such occurence wont repeat itself 
"With an accurate system constantly keeping track of activity and controls, “Twitter would have known in 30 seconds -- in 15 seconds -- that the account of the president had been turned off,” Connor said.
When Trump’s account went down, attempts to call up his personal page, @realDonaldTrump, turned up a message saying, 
"Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!", 
prompting many Twitter users to send out screenshots. The official twitter account for the U.S. president, @POTUS, wasn’t affected though.
“My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee,” Trump tweeted early Friday. “I guess the word must finally be getting out -- and having an impact.”
The incident caused a tweetstorm online.
While in the tensed mood, Many of the President Supporters hailed the staff, and used that opportunity to highlight some security ish facing America presently
A Democratic from California, U.S. Representative Ted Lieu,, tweeted an offer to buy the employee a Pizza Hut pizza for making “America feel better for 11 minutes.”
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