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Angolan government have sacked 2,884 Congolese illegal migrant, Reports from a state media.

State news organization Angop said the unlawful migrants were gathered together in Lunda Norte Province between September and October.

Lunda Norte Province is found 656km north of the capital Luanda, and offers fringes with both DRC and Congo-Brazzaville.

"Amid the Authorities operation, 10,128 other DRC nationals deliberately left the Diamond investigation ranges," Angop cited Lunda Norte police manager Rodrigues Zeca saying.

"The police likewise appropriated from the migrants 80 dredges and 78 pieces of diamonds," Mr Zeca was additionally cited.

Unlawful transients were frequently pulled in to Angola for precious stone investigation and business openings.

Angola has broad deposit of diamonds, primarily in the Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul areas in the upper east.

The two regions fringe both the DR Congo and Congo-Brazzaville.

The contention in DR Congo has constrained a large number of nationals to escape to Angola and other neighboring countries.

Sometimes ago, Angolan experts ousted 432 unlawful outside nationals from Cabinda Province.

Most of the deportees were from the DR Congo, with a couple of others from the Republic of Congo.
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