Governor Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai

The Kaduna State Universal Education Board has released the names of 11,220 teachers that passed the competency test conducted for primary school teachers across the state, out of the 33,000 who wrote the exam.

Nasir Umar, the Executive Chairman of the State Universal Basic education Board, Made it known that the names released are the names of people who passed the test and the only one eligible for teaching jobs in primary schools.

Following this results the state government have decide to lay off the 25,000 who failed this test as opposed to the Nigerian Union of teachers plan and it seems the battle line have been drawn between the two sectors.

in bid to promote quality learning for the primary school pupil the government have drawn out this measures to rate the teachers. 

However, the kaduna state government have thrown open vacancy for fresh applicants, to replace the 25,000 (i.e 75% who failed the copetency test). Umar said, doors are open wide for any of the teachers who feel cheated to come for a remark of their scripts.

He further said this movement has no political tone or support with it, it's just a way to prune the kaduna state educational sector to be able to meet up to the standard of other states such as Lagos and the rest, and all these are part of the El-rufai Administration goals.
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