I hate flying, I wish someone will invent something more futuristic like vanishing portions. But that's not how real life works(lmao). Flying is hard enough but some people still find a way to make the situation harder. 
These few tips will help you and your fellow passengers endure.

1. There's no justification for bringing your body odour on a flight with you. Deodorants are really cheap, USE THEM. Also if you know anyone with body odour, tell them, the damage it will do to their self esteem is nothing compared to the damage they are are doing to the environment.

2. For God sake do not mess(fart) on your seat. Just because we can't hear it doesn't mean we can't SMELL it. The toilet is there for a reason. My flight from Djibouti to Dubai was unbearable because someone kept farting. 

3. Please keep your 'smelly' food at home. Don't bring ogbono, ofada sauce or any Nigerian food on the plane. Lets be honest very few non Nigerians can tolerate the smell of Nigerian food

4. Do not sexually harass you fellow passengers. Ladies and gentlemen keep your sexual organs and hands to yourself. Don't try to 'tap current' you might shock yourself. It's a plane not a brothel🤔

5. If someone touches you inappropriately please inform a staff that someone is ready to die on the plane. Do not be shy about causing drama or being loud

6. Bring appropriate clothing to cover up, it gets cold. Jacket and socks should do and dont forget to moisturize properly before your flight

7. Racial profiling at the airport is serious business, if you are black with a Nigerian passport that's double jeopardy. You might want to dress like a responsible member of society. .

8. Be respectful to other passengers, leave all your emotional baggage at check in. We are all just trying to get to our destination. ✌
Picture location: Lagos, Nigeria.  
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