On a day like this somebody dimmed it fit to stand up for freedom of over 176million people.
After when the so called colonialist have came to paint their reversed goodwill. It was actually a blessing in disguise because they opened our blinds eyes and gave us western education.

Despite the freedom we were agitating for, we had our selfish ambition which was nepotism, squandalism and embezzlement and tribalism. We were freed but still slaves in our minds. That is why the Ironsi would involve 19 easternerns and just 4 of the west and the north. The freedom we chanted for in 1922 repeated itself by ourselves.

We kill, we maim and lavish resources, Agriculture which was the mainstay of the economy was forgotten after the discovery of the so called crude oil which is controlled by few amongst many, they call themselves cabals and share oil block their father created.

Exchange rate now determined by the crude oil, which stands as a bone in our necks, to the extent that it tells what time we sleep and wake up, the quantity of food on our tables. Hmmm,  requires a deep breathe. Nigeria now became an unfaithful husband to Agriculture.

We lost the purpose of our freedom to love of money and selfishness, would have love to go back to be a subject of the colonialist than be free under chains. Culture and tradition neglected.  Corruption and stealing no longer the same in the eyes of our leaders..

They build mansions to store up their looted dollars and pounds, even dug graves to store up their stolen properties.

We are 57 today,  differentiating between recession and inflation, our bans have been eaten up, store house invaded by these thieves. We are even led by a sick government, receiving treatment in a strange land. It is well even in the well.

Notwithstanding all that had happened, things can still happen only if we believe and work together with one mind,  loosing the chains and padlocks our minds are bound with. So we can see things as they are.

Nigeria will be great again, We believe in a New Nigeria. DO YOU?  
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Afolabi Folorunsho

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