Its "WHERE ARE YOUR ACCUSSERS 2017" and it has arrive with a new new dimension to blow your mind as you are yet to unravel the depth of the The Themed titled "UNREASONABLE GOD". i know you are about to ask these.. Can God be Unreasonable? Can he demand the Unreasonable? What do you understand by this? Come get the Answers to your questions:
This NOVEMBER 26TH, 2017.
The Banquet Hall, Excellence Hotel, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.

4pm prompt

God makes a demand and sometimes those demands seem unreasonable". When he was ready to give Jesus a name higher than all names, He sent him to the cross... when He was ready to check whether Job truly  loved him, He permitted satan to Kill 10 of his children in one day.

What God is demanding from this man though, has never been demanded of a man in heaven and on earth. He had no reference point.

Unreasonable God

What He demands of you, what He asks you to do or ask you to give, reveals what He thinks of you
The last Sunday of November every year has been earmarked as the night of Unusual Drama and Worship, all thanks to Damola & The Evening Sacrifice,  whose ministry WAYA ( Where are your accusers?) have touched and blessed lives across the world over the years with highly spiritually stage plays and music in reverence to God.

Last Year It was GOD UNREHEARSED, She's Back This Year with UNREASONABLE GOD.  It was a bomb!, So glad to be a partaker of Last year's WAYA, When she staged "Samson and Delilah" like what happened just yesterday, with deep revelations , and words that serve as healing to the wounded heart. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to narrate the story to you this time, You have to experience it yourself so that you will be a able to comprehend what I've been explaining to you. 

"What He demands of you, what He asks you to do or ask you to give, reveals what He thinks of your person". Damola Akiogbe 

The "Unreasonable God"... Damola Akiogbe & The Evening Sacrifice

Date: November 26th, 2017

Venue: Excellence Hotel, Ogba Aguda, Ogba, Lagos.

Starring: Ighosa, Jehoshaphat, Damola & The Evening Sacrifice will be there to receive you. Brace up for the Unusual
You will be mightily blessed. Save the date.

Meet the Visioneer:

Pastor Mrs Damola Akiogbe, Covener of Where Are Your Accusers,
It's been 12years now since she started the Yearly programme which has birth so many testimonies.

Connect with Damola Akoigbe Where Are Your Accusers:
Twitter: @DamolaWAYA
Facebook: Damola Akiogbe, Where are your accusers
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