Some set of women who were involved in a fatal accident while filming and singing at the same time on a highway. 
Three women were seen in a one minute video one a freeway in Brazil, doing selfie video and singing, the accident happened after one minute. All lives lost. 
They were driving on the BR-153 highway, near the Gurupi Industrial Park, in the state of Tocantins, Brazil when their vehicle invaded the oncoming lane and crashed into a semi truck. All three passengers in the car died on impact. 
The moments before the fatal crash was posted on the internet. It is not known if they streamed it live, or if someone recovered the video from their phone and uploaded it after the crash.
It was discovered that the women and siblings because they the same surname. They are  Lélia Neves (driver), Ivanilda Neves and Karine Neves. 
Below is a video of the women before they crashed and another of them after the crash.

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