Is it a crime to eat? Definitely No, but bad when it's too much. 

We've seen people who died through over feeding, it might look strange but it's the reality.  Not everyone has the capacity to eat much.

This reminds me of a particular occasion I went for, a buffet party, where we have freedom to eat as much as we can contain, and I have a friend too who can eat a whole lot.  I tried taking the same quantity of food with Eric.  

Guess what afterwards? I couldn't finish the food and later fell Sick... What I'm trying to say is that food consumption shouldn't be a do or die affair, eat what you can eat and leave the rest. 

Some parents are even guilty of this, they force their children to finish a bowl of eba just because they don't want it to waste,  please parents let's consider our children's health, do not overfeed or underfeed. 
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