Patrice Evra 

Former Manchester united left back Patrice Evra shared a massive moment of emotion with his fans as he Visits were blacks were captured and killed as slave.

He shared this on his Instagram timeline the picture of him standing on a door post of the slave masters back in the days in which he captioned "the door to the journey of no return" .

Evra who was born in Dakar Senegal but later moved to France traced back his history to the 'door or no return'

According to him, he said standing at the door is not what fascinated him but the purpose for which the door stands for, which is to kill slaves.

However he advised some countries that are still practicing slave trade to...

He wrote on his I. G page.

"@patrice.evra  -  A massive moment of emotion for my visit In the house of the slaves! For some people I am just in front of a door, but this door is called the door of the journey without return ...there is still in our world where unfortunately some people still practice slavery! Every human being should be free !!!#history#notoslavery#freedom#iledegoree#houseofslaves#senegal#beapanda#blacklivesmatter#notoracism#nodifference  - "

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