Things got Wierd as Drake And Rihanna Meets At The Same Kid's BIrthday Party
Drake And Rihanna

A vast lion's share of us can identify with that feared plausibility where we may keep running into an ex-friend at a function, a typical open foundation or basically when we are lease expecting it.

While the odds of regularly getting Rihanna looking anything not as much as her best are to a great degree uncommon — one part of running into a previous fire us basic society need to stress over — it seems like even she can be subjected to that clumsy minute somebody she used to date goes into the same room  she's in.

As reported, such was the situation this end of the week when both RiRi and her alleged previous boo, Drake, appeared to grace same child's birthday at a private social affair.

While we presently have insignificant knowledge into how each separate gathering dealt with the possibly unbalanced circumstance, it seems like the two kept a genuinely safe separation and apparently simply disregarded each other.

While their own history together may all the more so be grounded in theory, the former expected couple unquestionably has coordinating tattoos to imply that each other positively implies — or implied — a great deal to each other. Their claimed relationship was reportedly over in August of 2016, however we're certain there are some genuine devotees out there in their fan bases that are still subtly pulling for the match to unite at the end of the day.

In any case, superstar or not, we as a whole can concur running into an ex can be outright strange.

Investigate some footage of Drake and Rihanna appearing at the same child's gathering in Los Angeles throughout the end of the week in the Snapchat cut beneath.
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