Burna Boy

Afro Pop singer and songwriter Burna Boy express his feelings to bloggers in a tweet he wrote on his timeline which says 'If there's really a God then There must be a special place in HELL for bloggers.'

It wont be good if this matter is judge from the angle of the so called blogger who so much believe in image tarnishing for fame and money. for example you can imaging a blogger blogging that PM Buhari is dead, just to drive in traffic at the detriment of another mans life.

And for Burna Boy i Think in these case he should be Polite and not use a part to judge the whole, the fact that a man is short doesn't makes his brain short, that's just a part. for that he needs to apologies if truly he is a responsible and a matured celebrity.

see the tweet below:
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Afolabi Folorunsho

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