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Former special adviser on media to ex president Goodluck Jonathan reacts to Nigerians castigating Oba Rilwan Akiolu for Snubbing his fellow king in a public function.

Omokri calls Nigerians attention to several occasions where such have happened and nobody complained. most especially When President Buhari ignored religion by shaking Prestigious Queen Elizabeth of UK, Lara Oshiomole and other prominent women in the world of politics.

he wrote:

We are angry with an oba who refused to shake an Ooni, but not at a President who refused ti shake his female ministers on religious grounds but did not remember religion when he shook hands with Queen of England, Chancellor Angela Merkel, of Germany and Lara Oshiomole. You can see that Hypocrisy, rather than corruption is the main problem of Nigeria. A nation that sympathizes with a star's Husband for attempted suicide and charges destitute woman with Attempted Suicide.
No Wonder Our Presidential Villa had been turned to a retirement home!

Truth be told our society of today is an enemy of the truth, embrace vague and neglect serious issues, even though Reno Omokri is talking from a political pouint of view. It's just what's happening. People would rather take picture of dieing man than save him from dieing just because of social media popularity.
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