Beyonce Knowles

How far precisely would you go to guarantee that none other than Beyoncé is included in your production? 

As indicated by a current report, one studio may very well take care of business to get Queen Bey to sign on to their change of Disney's Lion King. 

As detailed, executive Jon Favreau has eyes on Beyoncé and is restlessly appealing to have her sign on to loan her voice to play the character of Nala. 

Now in the film, Donald Glover has been enlisted to voice Simba and James Earl Jones will repeat his part as Simba's dad, Mufasa. With those two noteworthy cast effectively included, having Beyoncé in the mix would help add to the story's unbelievable enchantment. 

As indicated by a close source, Bey has not yet settled on a choice in regards to the offer. Moreover, it has been accounted for that Favreau will do "whatever it takes" to suit her timetable. 

In the event that Bey signs on, likely after the introduction of her twins, it would check her first film part since being required in the Fox energized film, Epic, in 2013. 

Envisioning Beyoncé's famous voice as Nala certainly seems like it'd be justified regardless of the procedure to secure a promise from her, despite the fact that we can envision a lot is on the line. Supplications up, y'all.
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