In this report,  Emmanuel Stephens, a graduate of Theatre Arts, University of Calabar, tells his story to Chijioke Iremeka. He talked about going to South Africa in search of greener pastures, but was forced into homosexuality by his late Master, Johnson, a gay, whom he served for four and quarter years.

“I was forced into the practice by my master, who was a drug dealer. He gave me all that I needed just to be his partner.

As I speak, the man is dead though his death was not connected to the perversion; he was killed in a drug-related incident in 2014.

 After his death, I was next in line, so I had to make haste to return to Nigeria." “So, when I came back to Abuja, I continued the practice until I met a Christian doctor, who was supposed to suture my torn anus. 

The doctor had done it once and the second time, he had to counsel me on the dangers of homosexuality and advised me to quit, which I paid no heed to. I treated him with some level of contempt but on that very day, I had an issue with my system, and he gave me an option of repentance or death.

"When I was given such options, I chose life than to die and gave up the practice but it wasn’t easy at first because the doctor made me go through a psychologist and psychiatrist as a way of reforming me. 

After that, I had a new lease of life. I had been wearing adult pampers to prevent the feaces that regularly oozes from the anus because the anus has widened and cannot control defaecation.
"Many people wished to be like me but they didn’t know what I was going through. I didn’t get married when I was supposed because as a gay, I had nothing to do with women and I didn’t want any woman to discover that I wear pampers. My male partner was rich and did everything for me. 

We helped one another in this club and this is one of the ploys to recruit more people into the clique. 

Source: Mayornaijablog. Instagram.

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