Gender Equality
Since the inception of the world men have been the superior being on this planet based on some religious practices such as the Muslims, Buddhist Christians and many more, all of these beliefs take men as next to God. Some even add some hyperbolic statement' that "God is a man".

According to the Bible and Qur'an, in the second creation story, man was created first(I.e Adam) before woman was carved out of his ribs, Which formed the basis why men are superior, because the women are just mere ribs.

but the religious beliefs failed to realize and neglected the part where God called the woman a supporter, assistant, helper, and turn the woman into a slave, washing machine, house help, permanent housewife etc.

However, in some cultures such as the  Ashantis it is the other way round, where
Women are the decision makers and land owners,  there every property belongs to the women, in this culture priority is being placed on women.
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The advent of Civilization as done some correction as regards gender equality, where men and women become one and have equal right, in the society, politics, and on the professional level, where jobs are no longer earn by gender but by merit be it man or woman.

"@lizjohnblack  -  I strongly feel it's an insult to women to say we are equal to men, we are not equal to them, we are newer, revised, upgraded beings, man wasn't good enough, so a woman was created. Don't mistake the position we took as helpers as though we are less, we are just humble, period! Quote-
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