Why waist trainers are one of the worst fitness trends EVER?
You can't train your waist  smaller as a permanent solution - all you do is ruining your organs, breathe, ribs etc. Either you have it genetically. Don't wear them just because your favorite fitness idol is wearing one. It's NOT good for your body and here is some of the reason why:

1. What happens when you put an elastic band around your wrist, waist training with belt, It'll leave you with a mark, and it will go away again. Just like the waist trainer does to your body but this time a huge pressure around your organs.

2. You stop the blood circulation 
3. You'll ruin your abdominal muscles
4. Your breathing function will decrease
5. You'll put too much pressure on the organs especially your guts.

Don't do this to your body to get the illusion of a small cartoon-like figure. You can work your way to a hour-glass figure with the right workout routines. Bigger back and shoulder muscles + bigger thighs will make the illusion. Just don't put your body trough something this dangerous and stupid temporary solution And I know the bottom picture is from wearing a corset in extreme levels - but it's just to prove a point. But I think most of you get the idea about waist trainers are bad for you, like really bad for you .. _
Source: Instagram.com/lbpfitness

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