Brooke Lajines
Brooke Lajines, 38, is being investigated after it was found that she sent an underage kid bare selfies of herself then continued to tempt him before engaging in sexual relations with him for almost 8 to 15 times.

The wedded mother confronts more than twelve count charges for having intercourse with the 14-year-old teenager, for the most part in the sit at the back of her car while parked in a driveway at various areas in Lima Township, Michigan, USA.

Brooke was apprehended after the kid's mom reported the issue to the police that the 38-year-old was laying with her adolescent child. Brooke admitted to it and has now been accused of 13 counts charges of criminal sexual lead and one of hailing a minor for unethical purposes. She likewise faced one charge of sending disgusting bare photos to a an underage over the web.
38year old Brooke and Her Husband 
Amid the court hearing, Police Trooper Donald Pasternak stated:

"They began speaking and trading bare photos while he was still in middle school."

US prosecutors uncovered they were investigating if there are more casualties, however Brooke's attorney lashed out at recommendations that there was more than one casualty.

"He continues discussing 'minors', yet there's one," he said.

Brooke's significant other of 16 years, David, is remaining by his better half and even went with her amid her court appearance in Pittsfield District Court. She has been conceded privacy however there are conditions, some of which expresses that she is not permitted to have liquor or medications and she is banned from being with underage, aside from her own children. She has likewise been banned from utilizing computers and social media platforms.

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