PSG side jubilation after the 3rd goal by Draxler (photo credit: mail online)

Barcelona Manager Luis Enrique says they could 'have remained on their heads' against Paris Saint-Germain and they would have still endured Champions League mortification.

Enrique's side were pounded 4-0 by the French champions at Parc des Princes and now need to leave a mark on the world to achieve the quarter-finals - no side has upset a four-goal first leg shortfall ever.
Angelo Di'Maria Opening free-kick goal

With Barcelona confronting last-16 end from Europe surprisingly since Liverpool thumped them out in 2007, mentor Luis Enrique lost his cool in a post coordinate meeting.

He revealed to Catalan TV slot TV3: 'We could have remained on our heads and it would have been a similar outcome.'

The Barca coach was furious about questions concerning the strategies and formations he had utilized in the club's most noticeably awful night in European rivalry for over 10 years.

He stated:

 'I'm in charge of this so don't search for any other person to fault, however I don't care for the tone and I would have preferred a similar treatment every one of the circumstances we have won, that I am getting today evening time when we haven't.' 
Pastore taking hold of the ball, Bousquet, Messi struggles.

In a more settled public interview appearance later, Enrique included:

 'At half-time we were 2-0 down which was a terrible outcome. At that point the third came soon a short time later. We can't state we were astounded in light of the fact that at this phase of the Champions League the players comprehend what they are up against.
'A large portion of the diversion is still cleared out. I have not lost all trust. We needn't bother with 4-0 defeat all we need is 5 yet why are we not going to dream that we can do it?' 

Be that as it may, Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets censured their strategic and physical frailties after they were pulverized in each part of the first leg encounter by Unai Emery's side.
Cavani scores the closing goal after beating Tsegen with a fast shot.

Sergio Busquets: 'PSG played much superior to anything us and they overpowered us physically'
'They played much superior to anything us and they overpowered us physically,' Busquets told TV3.
'They squeezed us harder, they were vastly improved tactically than us, they had a formation and executed it how they needed to and they were the better side'. 
The midfielder likewise seemed to scrutinize the teams's planning for the game, including:
'We expected something else yet that is the thing that can happen. We would like to have the capacity to turn things around at the Nou Camp yet I can't lie, it's extremely troublesome.'

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