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stregthen US immigration policies
President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump of the United States has fortified the nation's migration policies amid pressure and mass protest against the natives of some Islamic nations.

Donald Trump again strengthens US policies against immigrants to the US

Donald Trump does not appear to yield on his executive request against immigrants

The Washington Post reports that the new guidelines
"require the procuring of thousands of extra implementation operators, growing the pool of immigrants who are arranged for evacuation, speeding up deportation hearings and enlisting local law enforcement to help make arrests.”

The report said the guidelines are expected to help facilitate the usage of a couple of executive activities Trump marked in January including that the
"policies speak to a sharp break from the last years of the (Barrack) Obama administration and could reverse a sizable reduction in the number of extraditions that happened toward the final year of President Barack Obama's in office."

Be that as it may, the administration of Trump supposedly made endeavors on Tuesday, February 21 to douse developing feelings of trepidation about the prohibition on a few immigrants into the nation.
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