The Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump announced as the winner of the 2016 America's presidential election succeeding Barack Obama as the new president and making the 45th president of the United State of America.

However, the only rival of Mr Trump, Mrs Hillary Clinton has dimmed it fit to call and congratulate Trump on his sudden victory, even though some Americans are still in shock, after all the allegations laid on Mr Trump. Lol

His Excellency, President Trump addressed the entire people who didn't vote for him, that they should atleast work with him for the betterment of the nation.

Read his statement :

Trump says the government will serve the people.
“Working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation,” he says. “I’ve gotten to know our country so well. Tremendous potential... every single American will have the ability to realize his or her potential...
“We are going to fix our inner cities... we’re gonna rebuild our infrastructure, which will become by the way second to none. And we’re going to put millions of people to work as we rebuild it.
“We will finally take care of our great veterans.”

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