Finally, it's Election Day in The United America. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump are contending to be the next president of the United States.

Clinton is by numerous measures the most seasoned, experienced presidential competitor in present day history, as a former first lady, senator, and secretary of State. She would likewise be the first woman to be elected to the White House, breaking what has been known as the most elevated unfair limitation. However numerous Americans think of her as deceitful. Her nomination has been resolute by inquiries of money related indecency and scandals identified with emails from her tenure at the State Department, regardless of no reasonable proof of wrongdoing and rehashed examinations by Congress and law enforcement agencies.

Donald Trump by contrast is the least experienced political candidate in late memory, having never held any electoral office. The extremely rich real estate developer changed himself into an unscripted television host and licensor of the Trump brand, which has showed up on everything from lodging towers to menswear. He has discharged little data about his financial root, leaving the media to theorize about whether he is truly a very rich person, in the event that he has paid taxes in the last 18 years, and the extent of his business binds to remote nations, including Russia, whose hackers appear to need to tip the scales to support him. His pretentious comments and his got on-tape boasting about rape have overturned political standards and would have excluded whatever other candidate in some other election. Be that as it may, for voters and the media alike, policy has taken a secondary lounge to personality in the 2016 decision.

For voters, feelings have run high on both sides. Drinks are being poured, and a feeling of weariness is unavoidable. However the show may not end tonight; quadrennial guarantees by adherents of the losing possibility to leave the nation have been joined by scarier dangers of viciousness by Trump supporters, should he lose. Gistmattaz will be liveblogging stories, photographs, breaking news, and other crucial data appropriate here, through the acknowledgment and concession addresses. 
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