Rice Producer Association of Nigeria (RIPAN) has raised alert over the monstrous carrying of finished rice into the nation from the Republic of Benin, Niger and Cameroon.

They charged that their investigation have demonstrated that the item are berthed and warehoused in the nations at next to no import duties and afterward pushed into the Nigerian markets where they offer at exhorbitant rate.

The Chairman RIPAN, Abubakar Muhammed, amid a press briefing yesterday in Abuja called attention to that among countries in West Africa, only Nigerians eat Parboiled Rice and investigation shows that 1million mt of parboiled rice berthed at Republic of Benin.
He said "we have it on great authority that the government of these nations give the smugglers essential help, for example, warehousing offices, neighborhood transporting coordinations among others, on account of the import duties collecting to the treasuries.

Mohammed said the joint investment of nearby rice makers of over N200million is debilitated on account of pirating exercises and if the hazard is not checked, it would slaughter off the immense ventures made by the government in the different rice intercession programs.

He said it would likewise kill the colossal venture of the private sector partners in the rice value chain and undermine the energy and undermine the enthusiasm and endeavors of more than 25million Nigerian ranchers the nation over who had backpedaled to cultivating because of the present organization's call for expansion of the economy through agribusiness.
RIPAN asked the Nigeria government at the most elevated conciliatory level to connect with the legislatures of the neighboring nations on modalities to form out joint hostile to sneaking activities in handling unlawful pirating of the rice into the nation outskirts, focusing on the requirement for the nations to build their duties on rice.
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