Pineapple is a nutritional fruit found mostly in the tropical areas of Paraguay, Brazil, Costarica e.t.c It belongs to the bromeliaceae family of the plants. The name pineapple was derived in 1770s due to its structure similar to that of a pine cone. Traditionally It is known as 'ananas'. 

As part of the benefits of the tropical fruit, its leaves are also being used in the industrial world for ceiling installations and wall papers. 

The fruit season of pineapple runs between March till June of every year. 

Aside all the beautiful thing that have been said of this wonderful fruit. Pineapple abhors in it great nutrients such as potassium, vitamin c, copper, B6, beta Carotene, Manganese, foliate and soluble fibres. 

The health benefits of Pineapple are vast and they include:

The treatment of cough and cold 

It aids digestion due to the presence of bromelain 

Serves as a source of multi vitamin to the body

Arthritis Management
: it reduces Joint and muscles inflammation especially those associated with arthritis. 

It whitens the teeth 

Correct common gum disorder: it contains enough calcium for healthy teeth. 

Immune: Pineapple has over 130% of Vitamins C, for human beings, Vitamin C which reduces illness and improves the body immune system by stimulating the white blood cell to fight of forms viruses in the body. 

Maintenance of the Skin: Keeps the skin smooth and makes one looks younger 

For strong bones (a cup of pineapple juice gives you roughly 73% of the manganese for a day) 

Stay healthy, for health is wealth. Replace that carbonated drinks with 100% fresh and Natural fruit juice just ease you off the pealing and the stress. 

"A Few Words of Warning: The benefits of eating pineapple are clear from the impressive list of qualities that you just read, but there is always something about foods that should be cautioned against, and pineapples are no exception. The bromelain in pineapples is primarily a meat-tenderizing enzyme, which is why it is so helpful in the digestion of tough foods. This can result in the softening or tenderness of your “meat” as well, meaning that your lips, gums, and tongue might experience some tenderness or sensitivity if you eat too much pineapple. Bromelain is a powerful chemical, as is vitamin C, if taken in excess. Both of these are in high proportions in pineapple, and an “overdose” can lead to vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and nausea. Also, bromelain has been known to stimulate menstruation, so pregnant women should avoid excessive pineapple, as the high levels of bromelain can actually lead to a miscarriage in rare cases.Other than those health concerns, grab one of these spiky tropical fruits and dig in. Your body will thank you for it!" benefit of protein.
Keep this in mind, that you are what you consume; too much intake of carbonated drinks causes risk of obesity(unwanted fatness) Diabetes, Kidney damage and high blood pressure. Too much Pineapple also can lead to miscarriage for pregnant women and menstrual pain also.  Too much of everything is bad. So take it poca a pocco. 
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