“Pidgin” English or broken English (as it is called) originated during the slave trade era of the 17th and 18thc as a means of communication between the Europeans and the African middlemen. 

Today, because of the flexibility of the language and freedom it has,  pidgin English is still widely spoken in Nigeria, and it helps people from different tribes, communicate eeasily because it's easy and fast to grab compared to the real English, where you have to abide by the rules.

Though most Pidgin words are English words, notwithstanding, there are some words that people think are pidgin words, but are actual words that can be found in the English dictionary. Here are some of the words that people wrongly term as ‘bad English’.
  1. Vex: meaning to be angry in real English and in Pidgin 
  2. Gyrate : meaning to dance widely, celebrate, especially the kegites "gyrations". Abeg make we gyrate joh. 
  3. Galavant: To walk about without direction. 
  4. Piss: This the removal of toxic waste in the form of urine. To urinate. 
  5. Pass: to move past 
  6. Chow: To eat
  7. Vamoose: to leave quickly. That guy just vamoose go like that. 
  8. Trek: To walk. O boy, That guy fit trek for this life. 
  9. Trafficate: this an indication done by motorist with the lights to show other motorist their movement. 
  10. Jollificate: to cause to celebrate 

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