At least four people have been killed and so many injured in Abattoir, Lagos State, in the Hausa, Fulani clashes that had started at the popular Abattoir Market, several witnesses have told Phowcus'blog.
The clashes began at about 11:30pm Monday night or there about mostly between Fulani traders and their Hausa counterparts, they said.
One witness said the crisis started 2days ago due to the fact that the Hausa community were trying to protect their image from the mess in which the fulani community have put them into. And whenever Authorities come, they are always the ones bearing the consequences of the fulanis immoral acts. Like robbing, riots, rape etc.
The Nigerian police force ensuring that there is peace in the environment. 

For some time now, it's been said that the fulanis around them do invade their homes and disturb their peace. And in order to stop these they all came out to throw their aggressions on the fulanis the witness said.
His account could not be independently verified by Phowcus'blog.

According to other witnesses and residents of the community, it was said that the fight was caused because of the demolition of their shops and homes by the Lagos State Government  which where located by the railway. The Fulanis are accusing the Hausa of being the brain behind the it.

“From that point matters degenerated. Soldiers  and police in nearby barrack and stations have mounted the area to ensure high level of peace,” the witness recounted.

Arriving cows have been relocated to other abattoirs in Lagos. 
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  1. This Fulanis are known for causing trouble from the onset of their lives.


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