The curious teen whose name is Jack Johnson, has gone through several hurddles to look like the football legend, his heartrob.

the jobless teenager had admitted spending £20k 0n surgery inorder to change his face to look like Beckham's .

According to, Johnson recieves £15,000 annual benefits but insist he relies on loan to fund his surgical procedures.

the teen who is from bullwell, Nottingham, England, said he has never regreted spending any pound on cosmetics because they worth it.

jack who is not a football fan said he's just started, revealed the next procedures he is to go through, from slimming down, to dental changes etc.

"i have always been a fan because he started from nothing and now built his image up. i love the way he looks and his personality. he said 

johnson eldest brother Aaron affirmed to all what jack had gone through and also addded that his brother has been receiving calls from local and international TV, to show up. the last call was from a TV station in Brazil. 

nevertheless, he said, he has adviced him to calm down, so it wont turn out bad on him.

what an influence from the football legend.

what would you say to Jack Johnson
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