Funaab students filed out in protest 
  • Robbers Invades students environment stole valuables and injure students 
  • Students Staged an Anti Robbery Protest
  • Student shot by The Nigerian Police 
  • Police Arrests Innocent Students And granted them bail of N100k.

It was on Thursday, 18th August 2016. Adejoke hostel, one of the numerous private hostels off Campus of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta experienced an armed robbery attack at about 1am . A lot of phones, laptops and other valuables were carted away by the notorious armed robbers who have been terrorising the School environ since the inception of this academic session in January. Some students were injured by these armed robbers. Up till date no effort has been made to apprehend these men.

The Students (Funaabites) took out to the street to engage in a peaceful protest. The protest started from the School gate and towards "camp junction". At about 10am rumour had it that one of the injured students in the armed robbery attack was dead(although unconfirmed). The protest went on peacefully until the Nigerian Police Force intervened.

Tear gas were released to disrupt the peaceful movement. As if that was not enough, a policeman allegedly shot a student on the head close to his left eye at a close range. Obviously it was not a stray bullet.

Abisoye Taiwo, an 100 level student of Forestry and Wildlife Management Department of the institution went down immediately he was shot and was presumed dead. This increased the agitation of the aggrieved students.

After a while, report had it that an order was released by the NPF to arrest students. Our policemen dashed to the streets arresting any student at sight. Many innocent students who didn't even partake in the peaceful protest were arrested at the comfort of their hostel.
Later on a confirmation came from the Federal Medical Centre(FMC) where Taiwo was rushed to that he isn't dead but in a very critical condition. He was then transferred to the University Teaching Hospital(UTH), Ibadan.
The School Management ordered that all students should vacate all halls of residence on Campus immediately and a 7days emergency mid semester break was declared.
This morning, 19th August 2016, reports has it that the arrested students were charged to Court after being tortured overnight at the Police Station. Reports from reliable source had it that 27 students were granted bail of 100,000 Naira each or Collateral of equivalent worth. These are innocent students who only spoke up after being attacked by armed robbers at several occasions. Over 20 armed robbery cases have been reported since February this year.
Nigerian Students are suffering, we can't sleep with two eyes closed. How can we study under these unfavourable conditions?
The Nigerian Police who is supposed to protect us are the ones taking our lives.
Our Media isn't helping matters as lots of false stories are being reported. Our television stations who reported the story turned the story upside down. We are crying for help. "Patriots never keep mute", our voices must be heard. Enough is enough. ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA ASCERTA.
#SaveFUNAAB #SayNoToArmedRobbery #FUNAABITESLivesMatters
©Comrade Jamzig
A 200 Level Student of FUNAAB.
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