The popular OAP, Daddy freeze of Cool fm welcomes the nice inititiative by Governor Rochas Okorocha of Akwa Ibom but  asked some vital questions in the article he posted on his Instagram timeline.

Read it and  give your take:

"@daddyfreeze  -  3 day working week, another genius idea?? ___________________________________________
It is alleged that governor Okorocha directed that public servants in his state would now work from Mondays to Wednesdays, and use Thursdays and Fridays for agriculture (farming) while Saturdays can be used for ceremonies, adding that the directive takes effect from
Monday August 1, 2016.
Quick questions;
1. Who provides the land?
2. Since it is compulsory farming, who provides the startup capital required for fertilizer, seedlings etc?
3. Who provides training for prospective farmers?
4. How do we ensure this 'brilliant idea' is enforced and implemented? What if some people just stay at home and sleep, to conserve the little energy they got from the garri and groundnuts or the plain rice (without obstacles) their salaries afforded them?
15 years ago, when I worked in the civil service as a presenter on the Oyo state owned radio and television service B.C.O.S, I imagine waking up one morning, only to realize that I had just been 'upgraded' to a farmer. I have absolutely no clue about farming, no land and no capital, what would I have done?
Is this a clever way of abandoning civil servants to their fate? I thought the abandonment usually started after retirement, not during service. ~FRZ"

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