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In research we've found out that many guys are guilty of some silly mistakes during dating in which has caused them to end up in failure,  there are some things we look as nothing but they are seriously essential to the opposite S*X.  Read the tips below:

1.      Men shouldn't be looking at their phone more than the Lady (I.e. have enough eye contact with her)
2.     Do not talk about your Bank account status or how rich your background is; this puts ladies off (Bragging) never try it
3.     Smelling Bad (Mouth or Body Odor is a No. No) it's advisable for guys to use perfumes with attractive smell. And try to wash your teeth before approaching anybody this applies to everyone.
4.     Stop asking if she's still a virgin or not. There's a better time for that. Not at the early stage.
5.      Don't ask her how many guys she's been with (Body Count) are you an immigration officer?
6.     If she's going to pay the movie or dinner tab let her know in advance (no unexpected ATM failures, I forgot my wallet at home) be true with yourself, do not form what you're not. 
7.     When your phone rings on a date and you're asked where you are? Don't give a degrading response eg ( I dey with that big ass babe, I dey with tolu big Breasts, I dey with that weekend chops I teh u about" Respect her.
8.     Don't insist on a "come to my house first date" or come to my friend’s house first date.  Don't approach any relationship with s*x orientation be mature, there are other things to look out for e.g. networking, ideas etc. not just S*X bet you she's going to hate you for that 
9.     Don't leave your date to talk to another Lady for more than 2 minutes hey stop that suit!
10.  Don't buy her too many gifts she may think you're trying to "buy" her, just calm down.
11. If for any reason someone else needs to be in the car, don't put her in the back seat
12.  Don't compare her to your Ex
13.  Don't talk about her weight or hair only in a positive way e.g. (some guys may say: you’re about to burst out of that dress, your hair should be due by now?).
14.  After the first s*x always call as a courtesy (even if the s*x was good or bad)
15.  Table manners (making sounds with your mouth while eating, talking while their food in your mouth, using fork & knife for ice cream)
16.  Focus your eyes on her eyes not her breast or ass. (don’t look at any other lady asides her on a date)
17. Don't borrow your friend’s car and say it's yours, do not lie your friend's apartment is yours)
18.  Don't be too touchy & feely on a first date
19. Don't be rude or nasty to the waiter or waitress to impress your date
20. Don't ask her for money
21. Don't ask for pictures unless she offers  

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