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A speaker shared a story at a conference. Moses Ayodeji, works with a 
telecommunication company, As a finance manager of his branch, Moses is very
good at what he does and he has won several awards to his credit. 
His boss respects him a lot for his commitment towards his job.

There comes a time of test when a branch of the company he works for was facing 
a challenge of balancing an account due to an ommition of some vital transaction 
in the audited financial statement in which no one has been able

to solve,
the CFO(chief financial officer ) of the company had to transfer him to that
branch to see if he can discover the solution to the problem. on getting there
one of the workers there approached him and say to him "no one has ever 
won an award here and not even you" Moses was shocked by that.
He went home thinking about what the solution to the problem could be for 
good 3days he couldn't sleep thinking what would be said of him if he is unable
to solve the puzzle, suddenly it done on him to call the secretary, he ask some
questions about the firms log from the previous months compared it with the
one on ground and there he discovered the solution. Finally and luckily for 
him he won another award to his credit as the overall best manager of the year. 

On the day of the occasion the lady who said that there is no award approach
him and said to him that " victory is not to those who give up but to those who 

stand till the end " you done a good job well done I am proud of you. 
To attain excellence it takes an extra effort, success doesn't jump on you,
you jump on it.  Moses never gave up even when it cost him nights he never
bordered all he wants is the best result for him and his team in which he 
eventually achieved.

"Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of something better" 
Gordon B. Hinckley
When everyone was making their research from June-July Moses started
his research from Jan-July forgetting that it is stressful. Excellence  isn't a biscuits 
bone. For it to be achieved you have to do beyond the regular 
To attain excellence, research is needed through reading surfing through 
the internet etc. It is a mediocre that sleep when it is not yet best.
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