Thought creates our state of mind, toxic thought creates unhappy mind. Do you use your mind or is your mind using you.
The major commitment to life is for you to use your mind, when you read, you use your mind, when you think constructively, you use your mind.

Your mind uses you when you get tangled up with the content of your mind, and soon identify with that content and then the mind starts thinking for you.
“I’m tired, I am confused, I am discouraged” etc. the mind is using you to express its content.

 To use your mind you must learn to whisper to it of who is in charge. Thoughts are like clouds in the sky and not the sky itself. So you can separate thoughts from the mind. It is thought that creates feelings whether negative or positive.

With your thought you create your action, your action becomes your habit, and habit character, and this creates your world.
 The first recognition of the mind purpose is to see how it will help you to solve your problems.

Appreciate the presence of the problem and if possible give it a seat. Do not live a life of fear of challenges.

Find out what the challenge intends to achieve i.e. its purpose. What has the challenge determined to do to you?
Learn to understand the nature of the challenges.

Then ask yourself, is there any goal I can focus my mind on that when attained will render the problem and challenge immaterial.

Then substitute that problem in your mind with the lofty goal, and ask the new potential to take the driving seat in your mind. Example the debt you owe is great and worrisome. The more you think about your inability to pay¸ the more gloomy the situation, but by lifting your mind beyond the debt to other areas for more moneymaking venture not only liberates your mind, but gives you energy to move ahead, that when the money is made, it literally dissolves the challenge.

Learn to give God lavished praise. Lev 4:6-7
 Note that bringing something into existence is far much easier than eliminating something from existence. Reason:
Bringing something into existence is creative and therefore uses the highest mind, the maximum brain-thinking. (M.B.T.)
Elimination is destructive, and therefore uses only the lower animal brain.

The moment thought enters you, results is feelings. People think their way into trouble, and then study the trouble. They think their way into anger and depression and then study the anger and the depression. But the basic cause of the problem is not studied – THE THINKING PROCESS ITSELF e.g. your past cannot affect you in anyway if you are not thinking about it.

Why is it that people can be surrounded by people and yet feel lonely?
Answer: - self obsession – thinking so much about yourself that others are not put into consideration. Phil. 2:3-4, Gal. 5:26, Romans 12:10, Romans 15:1-4, I Cor 13:4-5
You cannot be lonely or depressed helping someone else. The mind cannot hold loneliness and depression with helping someone simultaneously.

Zig Ziglar said “You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”.

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