Pat Utomi on sunrise daily, a channels television programme on Tuesday morning,  few hours to the presentation of the 2016 Nigeria's budget by President Mohammed Buhari he was call upon to give  his view on the ongoing budget planning
First of all he said he consider the budget planing a joke.

Nevertheless, The political economist said he was part the budget planning committee January 20years ago
and by December Issues sprang up when it was time for the implementation.

He further said and I quote According to
“We somehow do not have the discipline of the budget process, we go through budget as public relations exercises because they are supposed to be done and decision makers go ahead to do whatever they want to do,”

According to the professor, he said the major solution to the problem of budget implementation is "execution premium" that is having a responsible budget executing body.
“I think what has happened to us is that we got to a point of disconnect between the leadership elite, the political class, the bureaucratic elite and development aspirations of the Nigeria people,” Said, Pat Utomi
He rounded up by saying that the major and primary source of Nigeria's problem is "Leadership" Utomi said there is low input of energy in the nations leadership in which causing those that are at the apex not to lead aright
While  giving a remark that the 2016 budget would border more on addressing youth unemployment and provide for the less privileged and the weak ones, President Mohammed Buhari made it known that Nigeria remains committed to diversification to develop and reflate the country's economy.
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