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Do you know Why many people with great tendency to breakthrough are not breaking through? it's simply because of the wrong picture they carry about what success is.
 As a matter of fact this mindset is being implanted by some parents who are ignorant of what the economy looks like and how we should train our child. All they do and believe is education and it's alone and as a result of these many graduate are on the streets jobless because all they know is book and not principle of success.

1. Never let your environment limit your ability:
Hey! look here, Your environment does not have what you want; you create what you want for yourself. Life doesn’t celebrate ignorance or mediocrity, its only celebrate achievers and solution providers. Everyday people keep blaming the government for unemployment, unavailability of jobs etc.

2. Education shouldnt be the determinant of your success. 
For university graduates neglecting the fact that not everybody would work in the office with rope on the neck.

In a research carried out in 2012, by some analyst, the report shows that Nigeria has over 80million youths i.e., around 60% of the entire populace, more than 80% of the youths is unemployed while about 10% are underemployed. Only 10% 0f graduates released to the labour market by the Universities and tertiary institutions in Nigeria are able to get paid employment.

Meaning that 90% of university graduates don’t get job, can’t afford to buy what they want, still dependent on parent for their needs, and can’t even decide which way next.

Youth employment analysis 
3. Study a Course that is selling 
As a young and effervescent Nigerian, you should know better the state of the Nigerian economy and its needs, as a student you should choose your course of study based on the demand in the industrial, and professional market of your country, don’t be too wise to study a course that doesn’t correlate with the basic needs of the Nigerian society.

4. Start building your CV before you graduate:

This mindset has made so many graduates of today jobless ‘not all’ it works for some probably because of their family’s background or they are extraordinary good at it that they can create opportunity out of it.

It is so repulsive to know that school won’t teach you how to make money, how to build a house, and how to set up your relationship, for that is the reason; you would see a university graduate thumping his wife and smoking weeds. The things school will impart in you are limited to that which life would teach you.

The only thing education does for you is to bring out the brand in you, it modifies the approach you give to matters or business.

The social order of today is beyond you knotting a tie and wearing a suite, its now about what you want to deliver, people don’t pay for English what they pay for, is the quality of your content, this is where the role of skill acquisition comes in, proficiency can take you beyond limit, feed you in a strange land, and create an oasis in a desert.

5. Be ready to sacrifice:
Perhaps you don’t know that no one would assist a man without a potential, reason being that, the help done to such is not going to produce anything. So be willing to give that sleepless night, training time, etc. Also you must spend.

6. Be patient at working out your goals and never be intimidated:
The patient ones are old and they find commitment a waste of time, while the young ones are committed but are not patience enough to make it work, it is only few of them who are committed that are able to be good at their areas of specifications. This riddle simply means that, without patience and commitment marrying, there’s no success.

7. Don't stop seeking knowledge
 Crave for knowledge, in order to be free from financial prison, one with knowledge doesn’t wander about, he or she knows what’s next. Knowledge is powerful; it is beyond the four (4) walls of the classroom, church etc.

'For knowledge is not cost at any price, so buy it." 
- Pst Femi Emmanuel(Living Spring Chapel)

8. Always crave for the best 
Quality not just quantity, your content must be filled with the rightful information which would be of advantage to you and the society at large.

9. Take time out to prepare your content
Inasmuch as the album cover is beautiful people wont buy it, what will be bought is the song, the album cover is just a complement, so work on the quality of your content so as not to be conventional but extra ordinary.

10. Develop your potential 
 Everybody has a potential, it is left to us to develop them, it is not necessarily singing, football, it could be dancing, writing, teaching, marketing, interacting with people, these are latent many has but fail to realize it’s an ability that can generate income.

This is where education comes in existence, for the acquisition of the theoretical aspect of it. A university is a place of sharpening skills not an avenue for making money, why not develop your potential and go to school to advance it. Skill acquisition fattens your CV.

11. create time out for your goals 
William henry “Bill Gates”, the richest man in the world, dropped out of school not because he was inept to pay school fees or feels that education is not important, but because he needed more attention and time to work on his potential and develop it for the benefit of others.

Change environment: for it determines your orientation:
Perhaps the environment you are right now isn’t helping you in terms of building your ability, why not free that actual environment and move to the one that is suitable for your findings and research, so you can build what you have and create opportunity for yourself and the society.            
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