Who decides whether you shall be happy or sad? The answer-you do.

A man called a radio host and asked him why he is always happy and the O.A.P replied by saying "I choose to be happy.
that is being unhappy or happy is part of our decisions to make.  Many people manufactures unnecessary unhappiness in their mind, they go about saying to themselves, it is finished, things aren't going well, impossible, weak etc, instead of saying "it is well. Life is good" I mean, just saying positive words, and can be certain of having your choice.

Abraham Lincoln once said people were just about as happy as they made up their minds to be.

Little children are expert in happiness compared to the adults. Any adult who can portray the attributes of a child into middle or old age is truly a genius, For he preserve the happy spirit which God endowed the young. Even Jesus said to live in this world we ough to have a child-like heart. Inorder words, never be too old or dull in spirit. Don't be over sophisticated.

Our unhappiness is further distilled by saturating the consciousness with feelings of resentment,  Ill will, hate and dislike. The unhappiness producing process always make important use of tool of fear and depression. We merely want to make the point at the present time and stress it forcefully that a very humongous proportion  of unhappiness of the average individual is self produced. How, then, may we continue to manufacture happiness and not sadness and depression.

An incident from a railroad journey may suggest an answer.  On a morning,  an old style Pullman car approximately a half dozen of Men were shaving in the men's lounge. As always in such close and crowded quarters after a night on the train this group of strangers were not disposed to be gay, and there was a little conversation and that little was almost mumbled. Then came a man wearing a broad smile. He greeted everybody with a cheery good morning, but received rather  languid grunts in return.  As he went on about shaving he was humming, probably quite unconsciously, a beautiful little tune. This got a bit on the nerve of some of the men. Eventually, one said rather sarcastically, "You certainly seem to be glad this morning! Why all the cheers? "

"Yes," the man answered, "as a matter of fact, I am happy. I do feel cheerful." Then he added, "I make it a habit to be happy."
That is all that was said, but I am certain that  each men in the lounge left the train with those interesting words in mind, "I make it a habit to be happy." #Make happiness a habit

Our happiness or unhappiness depends to an important percentage upon the habit of mind we cultivate. #Be addicted to it because from it comes a happy life.

The happiness habit is created by practising happy thinking.  Make a mental list of happy thoughts and pass them through your mind several times everyday.  If a sad thought should enter your subconscious, eject it with an immediate effect,  and exchange it happy thoughts.  Before you arise, every morning, relax in bed and purposely drop happy thoughts into your subconscious mind. Let a series of image pass through your mind of each happy experience you hope to have during the day. Savor their joy.  Such thought will help quicken events to turn out that way.  Do not conclude that things will no go well. By merely saying that, you can actually help to make it so. You will draw to yourself every factor, large and small, that will contribute to unhappy conditions. As a result, you will find yourself asking "why does everything go poorly for me? What is the issue with everything?"

The reason can be traced to how you began the day in your mind or from your thoughts.
Tomorrow try this plan instead. When you wake up, say this one sentence aloud "this is the day the lord hath made, therefore I will rejoice and be glad in it." Repeat this in a strong, loud and clear voice with positive tone and vehement emphasis. The statement, of course, is from the Bible and it is a good cure for unhappiness. If you repeat and digest that one sentence for two to three times before breakfast and meditate on the meaning of the words, definitely you will change the character of the day by starting off with a happiness psychology.  #Say positive words into your day before leaving bed.

Always affirm happy result at the start of every day, and you will be amazed at how frequent things will begin to turn out so.
But it is not enough to apply to the mind such an important affirmation therapy as I have just suggested unless throughout the day you also base your work and attitudes upon fundamental principles of happy living.

Create happiness through your communication with God, He is a generous giver, he will definitely grant you joy on all sides.  Stay happy always never be sad, and don't give it a chance in your life, it destroys, maim and steal.

Credit to: Norman Vincent Peale author(power of positive thinking)
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