Life is a product of what we feed on, do, listen to or think.
Our commitment is determined by our minds,
once a man decide deep down to do a particular thing he or she would achieve it because of that unity among the mind, brain and body so also otherwise.

Most times our action is a reflection of what we've had somewhere, or think deep down our mind, normal man would not just act, he would think.

How Do We Improve our Thoughts? For our thought to be improved and sound we have to check on these three things which are.

The Books we read( food): this really have a big role to play in our life, even the Bible says that we should guide our heart diligently for out of it comes the issues of life. That is to show how our heart is delicate to tamper with. Give a close check on the books you digest because it in a way the determines the kind of action you carry out and the contents we are filled with .

What we Listen To: Yeah! Music, Sermons, Advice all these have a great role to play in our life activities. You don't just take advise, weigh it and see if it's good for your life, Listen mostly to soul lifting songs(inspirational), Gospel songs  and pick out good lyrics, be careful about what you utter, because singers don't care the effect of the word on you all they want is just to make a rhythm and melody to earn a living.
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