Gone are the days you have to buy credit for DC Unlocker before you can unlock your Huawei modem E303, E3772, E serieses

I have once been in your shoe of buying multiple modem to browse on my Pc, until I discovered an online platform developed by some Indians in order to curb this problem of unlocking Mtn Huawei modem.

See step by step way of unlocking any type of Huawei modems here,

Firstly, Get a gmail account, if you don't have one, click here to register. The Huawei E303 Unlocking page can only be accessed through your Google account
Join Google plus for free, after signing up for gmail.

Step 2, 
  1. Click here to access the Huawei modem E303  code calculator, 
  2. login with your gmail account 
  3. Input the 15digit IMEI, located on the body of the modem. 
  4. Click on calculate 
  5. finally, Click to like their Facebook page via the site to access your unlock code,
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Note: When you're done with the process insert a different ISP sim card into your modem(e.g Mtn modem-etisalat sim card). When it prompt for the unlock code insert the one you generated. It is either old or new algorithm that would work for your modem, therefore try the two.
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