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In recent times I have come to realize that social media has gone beyond what it used to be I.e it has moved to an unexpectable height. In research carried by me and a friend. we discovered that, lots of people don't used the Televisions and radios anymore, they prefer using internet connected phone or laptop to watching T.V or listen to Radio.

This present age "computer age" Student no longer solve questions,  crack their brains, no more long hours of call, but long hours of chatting and surfing the internet.
some set of people were questioned on how they feel without internet on their phone or PC?" Their responses all borders on boring, tired, empty and ignoramus, somebody said he prefer internet to food lol... I.e to tell you the inexplicable role of social media today. Facebook, twitter, instagram etc are all jampacked with people doing different kind of things for some it is chatting, transaction while some it is for reading, networking research etc.
I was told that some years back opening an email account is like a rich man passing through the needle's eyes, but today, I can boldly tell you that you can have more than enough emails as much as you desire via yahoomail or gmail, easy to use,
Social media solves Mathematics, students no longer find it tedious to solve maths all they do is type the question in the Google tab located in browsers wala it's solved
Social Media is now a form of school for those who knows it, it's platform for learning, Youtubes, pinterest, Wikipedia, etc all these are mediums of learning. Skills are develop via social media,
there are thousands of tutorials uploaded everyday on YouTube, all these aiding you to develop your potentials. Some learning institute now offers online lectures for students who can't make it to their country and gives necessary certificate for the course online.
Branding: social media now brands people, create awareness for an upcoming events, Facebook, twitter, google, instagram etc, offers advert to millions of people with just few dollars, you can advertise your products, church, school, seminars etc with social media your event is a bomb.
Internet now plays a diplomatic row in the life of many celebrities, Income generation, from their fields, social media cut across every sector in the world, the owners of social media platforms are the rulers of the world today.
No wonder Mack zuckerberg, Bill gates, Steve and like of others are stinkinly rich
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Afolabi Folorunsho

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