Perhaps you have invested a lot of money, time and energy on bringing traffic to your blog, you cannot be very reluctant on them leaving in no time. 
Why do people leave your website? 

Before pounding on the reasons, we have to consider the difference between Exit rate and Bounce rate.
 Exit rate is the percentage of people or visitors who leave a website after veiwing several pages, fill a form, surf the website for some period of time and then exit. While by contrast Bounce rate is the number or percentage of visitors who landed on a page and leave immediately, in this the visitor veiws a page and leave. Too much of it is bad, your context and content determines bounce rate. Here are the possible cause of high bounce rate:

  1. Uninspiring and ambiguous content               For the first time I visit a website I should be able to tell what's on offer within few seconds. It's is Calculated that almost 50% of visitors leaves a web page just because they are unable to find their needs. These days blog publishers tend to surf the net looking for keywords and ignoring a concise content. You have just few seconds to win the heart if your audience and otherwise, thus hit the nail on it head and make it understandable. Never be afraid to oversell your offerings. Everybody can't be good at writing, why not pay professionals to write for you with just a token. Keep your content fresh and updated and let if follow your topic. This will not only augment your interest level but also the search engines rankings. Blogging is a good way of disseminating news and updates to the public. Note: Hide your post date, if you will not be posting often.                                                  
  2. Too much advertisement(ads)                          Ads doesn't need to be everywhere on your web page, it shouldn't be the first thing that visitors see when they visit your blog or website. Let's rub mind and think for a second. Did the visitors come for the ads or the contents? Definitely no. Therefore, don't block the content visitors came for with annoying pop-up ads. It shouldn't take more space than the real information.                              
  3. Immediate Sign up                                           What for? It's not proper to ask for some ones information without him getting used to you or your product, this is not a perfect way of building a relationship with customers. If at all, they are to register, you should be able to give a taste of what they are about signing up for. Cajole them and let them have a vivid reason to join you. It is then you can now create the bond. Timing is essential.                                                                  
  4. Website speed                                               Visitors patience level have drastically reduced over the years. Even in 2007, Amazon test shows that every 100milliseconds increase in loadtime of is a decrease in sales by 1%. Peoples expectations is for a site to load within two seconds anything out of that introduces bounce rate. Infact a study reveals that as much as 45% of people abandons a page if load time exceeds 3seconds. You can regularly test your site speed with pingdom to ensure fast load speed.                                                                      
  5. An empty coupon field                                     This is not immediately noticeable. If you are always displaying a coupon code field during checkout, you may discover using Google analytics that some of the keywords sending people to your website are "your store name coupon". Let's imagine you are the buyer. How do you react to coupon code field? Don't know about you, but when ever I see a coupon field while shopping online, always I want to take some time to do a quick coupon search. While surfing for coupon most times, I find a better offer and never return. 
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