Marathon athletes 

Life's like a Marathon race

 In a Marathon race everyone starts together, some take the lead at the very beginning by putting all their energy while some take it slow and steady with the aim of accumulating energy for themselves by running slowly so that by the time those already at the front are tired it is then their energy is release and eventually they come from the back and emerge the winner.

Life isn't about how fast but how well it is, never be intimidated by that friend of yours who has gone ahead of you why not relax and accumulate all you need to excel too than dwelling in grudges. Be happy with every successful fellow of yours remember it's turn by turn, we can't always get it at the same time just as we aren't born at same time

So all you have to do is keep your head straight gather the needed resources for you to grow
Work towards your goals
And back it up with God, because with him only all things are possible.

Author : Afolabi Folorunsho.
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Afolabi Folorunsho

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