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For a man to achieve his dream he has to wake up, if he or she doesn't wake then achieving dreams isn't possible.
sleep is one of the things that hinders many dreams from coming to reality, it weakens man, it induces doubt, skepticism, fear etc.
procrastination; "I will do it tomorrow " and tomorrow never ends.
Do what you have to and stop given excuses, don't let people know you for that, it's bad! I was once like that too, but when I realize its delaying my vision, I stop it and hit the nail on it head. Gold will never become gold if it doesn't pass through the stage of firing, I.e life requires you to pay some sacrifice not the other way round. I mean work and make use of strategies,
Digest books, not just any book, but that which is meant for that goal of yours, read extensively, because readers, researchers are leaders, seek information and be submissive to learning at all time. 
Dreams comes through only for those who pursue it and are awake, stop sleeping!.

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